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Our responsibility as a breeder does not end when you take home a puppy from us. We are confident in the health of our Impeccabullz, and we'd like to believe nothing can go wrong with our puppies. However, certain things are beyond our control. A puppy's health is dependent on a lot of factors like genetics, exercise, food & nutrition, and overall care. While we may not be able to guarantee that your puppy will never have a health problem, we guarantee that we will do our best to ensure your new family member is a healthy one!

Each puppy will have one or more health exams from our veterinarian before departure. We ensure our puppies are up-to-date with all age appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings. Finally as an additional check, we ask that you take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 5 days after you receive your puppy, so we can be sure that your puppy is a happy and healthy Impeccabull one.  Click here to download our Health Guarantee.

Before purchasing!  Please download a copy of this contract, be sure to initial each line and sign at the bottom. Return by email or fax.

how to get your Impeccabullz

Fast and simple check out with delivery!

We offer three different options on how to get your Impeccabull puppy home. Air shipping, door-to-door delivery, and of course you are welcome to come pick out your puppy in person!

Air Shipping with Flight Nanny is the quickest way to get your Impeccabull home. Our trusted pet nanny accompanies your puppy to the nearest large airport for pickup.  This option is available to you for $800.

Door-to-door delivery is available. Our pet nanny carrier routinely makes coast to coast routes to deliver our babies safe and sound straight to your doorstep! Door-to-door shipping times may vary and depend upon when our pet nanny is making a trip. This option ranges from $450-850 depending on location.

Pick-up is available if you are in the northern California area. You are welcome to come and pick out your Impeccabull in person and meet the Impeccabullz! We are located in Vacaville CA in between SF and Sacramento.

We have a few different purchase options for your Impeccabull puppy! Deposits are a standard non-refundable $500 to hold your puppy until 8 weeks old.

We accept credit and debit card payment. We use a secure third party to conduct the transaction which charges a standard 3% fee. We can also accept card payments in person with card reader.

We accept ACH bank transfers. This option provides you a direct receipt of payment and has a 1-3 business day processing time.

We accept cash if you are picking up your puppy in person. You are always welcome to come and pay for your puppy and pick it out the same day!